Artist statement

Photography is a love affair with lifeBurk Uzzle 

As a photographer, I like to show the beautiful and extraordinary things in life because we are so often shown the ugly and bad. To emphasize the mood in my picturesque and sometimes surreal world, I use a painterly look with (mostly) warm and desaturated colors. By using several manipulated versions of the image in different layers and adding layers of photographed patterns to it, I compose a less ‘clean’ and sharp digital image that helps setting the mood I like to create. With my work, I hope to show others a minute of beauty and peace in this hectic and violent modern world. Nature is my inspiration, it provides rest and a feeling of freedom, especially the sea. For this reason, I choose to let landscapes play a large (symbolic) role in my photographs, just like animals, water, old objects and places in Italy, a country I really love.


From the moment Norma van der Horst (Amsterdam, 1967) entered a photostudio for the first time as a 12 year old, she knew it: I want this! After she graduated from the Koninklijke Academie in The Hague, The Netherlands in the nineties, she began working as a freelance photographer. Next to this job she could hardly found any time to create ‘free work’. In 2001 Norma moved from her hometown Amsterdam to the country of Groningen. “I wanted to discover the coast because I have always loved the sea and beach and now I came to live close to the Wadddenzee! But when I visited it the first time I was in for a surprise: this was something completely different!” A project was born: she planned to travel alongside the Waddencoast and take photographs two days a month for a year of everything she found worth photographing. That resulted in her first self published photobook: ‘Het Gronings Tussengebied, streek van water en wad’.

The first few years Norma concentrated mostly on landscapes but this changed in december 2013 when she was asked to deliver several images that would be suited for book covers by a Stockphoto agency. There had to be people in them so this was a start of a whole new direction! She began to create images with models and used different landscapes to tell the story. After two years she wanted to try a self portrait and discovered that is it fun to use herself as a model in her photographs, so that’s what she is doing in her latest series! Because she loves Italy very much, she likes to put some Italian ‘ingredients’ in her work, like architecture or Roman artpieces. When she visits Italy she photographs them and put them in her growing digital archives. Like landscapes, animals, houses, symbolic objects etc. they are just waiting a while on her harddisk to be places in the next image…